In order to truly maximize relationships, we need to understand the purpose.

The Purpose of Relationship is Empowerment. Empowering somebody means helping them to become the best version of themselves. By empowering each other, we are able to pull out the creative potential that is inside of us.

Here are a two questions that can ask ourselves, which will help us to know how empowering we are in our relationships:

Do I value people? Do I value what others have to say? Am I interested in their thoughts and ideas? Or, am I a horrible listener and seem to do all the talking because I don’t care what they think?

Do I believe in people’s potential? Do people feel like they can become better, dream bigger, and accomplish more when they are with me? Do I encourage people to do more than they are currently doing, and challenge people become even greater than they presently are? Do I bring out the potential in people? Or, do people lose courage to go to another level in life because I am so discouraging?

Let’s develop more empowering and solid relationships.

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