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One of the keys to building and fostering relationships as discussed by Dr John Maxwell is to note that every person we meet has the potential to teach us something. Thus the questions, I must ask myself: do I approach people with the desire to learn from them?
We only learn from others if we have the right attitude! When it comes to learning from others, generally people fall into any of one of these three categories

1.        No One Can Teach Me Anything – Arrogant Attitude
People who shot their door to learning do not realize how much they are hurting themselves. No one is too old, too smart, and too successful to learn something new. The only thing that can be between a person and the ability to learn is the attitude.
2.        Someone Can Teach Me Everything – Naïve Attitude
It is a good thing to seek a mentor to help enhancing growth potential; however it is naïve to think that we can learn everything just from one mentor. Thus, we do not need just a mentor, we need many mentors!
3.        Everyone Can Teach Me Something – Teachable Attitude
Everyone we meet has something to share- a life experience, an observation, a lesson learned. We only need to be willing to listen and have a teachable attitude. If you have a teachable attitude or you are willing to develop one, you will be positioned to learn from others and build new relationships with them.

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  • Real Madrid C.F
  • 24/11/2017
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