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Considering the constant increase in economic activity and population growth, Nigeria desperately needs an upgrade to an economic backbone of transportation infrastructure and development. Excellent infrastructure networks are critical in terms of encouraging business innovation and improving the global competitiveness of the country. Greater efficiency and sustainability in the movement of people, resources and commodities will continue to provide a competitive advantage in today’s global economy.
As the Nigeria’s transport market evolves, challenges arise which require nontraditional approaches and innovative solutions. Our expertise is increasingly in demand across urban road, rural road, estate road, airport, rail, coastal, interchanges and crucial links in industrial product supply chains. Skills which are now needed to successfully execute transport projects include strategic land use planning, demand modelling for passengers and freight, landscape and emissions assessments, intelligent transport system applications, supply chain
mapping, behavioral science, and electronic systems applications.
Teldvas Engineering transport specialists are highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals who have the passion, commitment and expertise to successfully manage and deliver projects across roads and highways, bridges, airports, rails and coastal.

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