Dale Carnegie in his popular book “how to win friends and influence people” mention of giving a honest and sincere appreciation. Sometimes in life especially at moments of change, one of the things we underestimate in gratitude. The following are ways to maintain the habits of gratitude.

a) Make gratitude as discipline independent of feelings. Learn to express gratitude whether you feel it or not.

b) Express gratitude in small and ordinary things. This is to find some things and express gratitude in them and this may limit list of complaints that we may have. A story is told of a immigrant son who work in his father store and one day he met his father and said ‘I have search through, there is no account payable, no account receivable and I cannot see the sales or expense record. How do you make profit in this business? The father responded, I came to this country with only a pair of pants, today, your brother is doctor, your sister is a teacher and you are a CPA; you mum and I have a house and a car to drive, add everything and subtract the pair of pants that is your profit.

c) Express gratitude in the midst of adversity and difficulty. In the midst of a grateful heart, fear will disappear.

d) Express gratitude in tangible ways. Silent gratitude is no good to no one.

This month, do express gratitude to someone for all they do.

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  • Real Madrid C.F
  • 24/11/2017
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