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How we work

How we work We have flexible work patterns for each service we render. We can have an arrangement to visit schools to run the UCAS training and we could have the school come to us. We could schedule appointments and meetings at the convenience of both parties as well. Contact…
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What we have to offer

What we have to offer We have all kinds of great services to offer you.Brookline Consult offers a range of services to clients ranging from university and college placements to visa counseling, travelling arrangements, UCAS application process, consulting for new sixth form schools. University Placement Services into Colleges and Universities…
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What People are saying

What people are saying It is very important to say here that Brookline Consult is a service providing organization and our clients always come back with feedbacks to help us improve our customer relations and customer satisfaction as a whole. We are a customer oriented consulting service organization. See what…
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